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Lexi. Just Lexi.

Introduce Yourself.
:. Name: Lexi
:. Age: Nineteen Years Young
:. Birthday: February 14, 1989
:. Location: Lind, Washington
:. What's it like? Small and lonely.  However, when I watch the stars through my bedroom window at night, it seems like a peaceful and beautiful place!

All Things Entertainment.
:.5-10 bands that you can't live without:
1. One Less Reason
2. Kate Nash
3. A Fine Frenzy
4. Aqualung
5. Taylor Swift
6. Colbie Caillat
7. Nickelback
8. The Spill Canvas
9. Wolf Parade
10. Buckcherry
:. 5-10 favorite songs:
1. One Less Reason- A Day To Be Alone
2. Kate Nash- Merry Happy
3. A Fine Frenzy- Hope for the Hopeless
4. Aqualung- Strange and Beautiful
5. Taylor Swift- Stay Beautiful
6. Colbie Caillat- Realize
7. Nickelback- Figured You Out
8. The Spill Canvas- Lullaby
9. Wolf Parade- I'll Believe In Anything
10. Buckcherry- Sorry
:. 5 movies you could watch over and over:
1. Tarzan
2. Just Like Heaven
3. Grandma's Boy
4. The Terminal
5. Save The Last Dance

:. phrase: "Where Do You Get Off!?" (From Hot Rod)
:. food: =O! SESAME CHICKEN!
:. color: Green
:. thing to do: Write

This or That.
GIVE REASONS. (: Be creative, children. And you HAVE to pick one or the other.
:. lime green or aqua blue? Aqua Blue- I'm a lifeguard and during the off season's I always wish I could be looking at the pool again.
:. 3 or 7? SECEN ROCKS MY SOCKS! That has always been my favorite number.
:. digital or analog clocks? Digital- I have this IQ game where you have to pick the time on an analog clock and it always takes me several seconds to figure it out, lol.
:. men or women? Women-- I like very few guys.
:. foreign or domestic? Hmmm.... Foreign.
:. candles or lightbulbs? Candles are amazing.  I always take bubble baths with candles lit everywhere.  If you ever want to buy me something, that'd be it.

Last Impression.
:. Say something to the mods: Well... I don't know the mods, but I'm a very likeable girl who is in need of socialization!
:. Why are you a 'plaid crayon'? I am practically the only person I know who is not afraid to be goofy and do silly things.  I never wake up thinking "Hmm who can I be today?"  I'm always myself. =]
:. At LEAST one clear picture of your face. Votes aren't based on looks, we're just curious. If a member gives you any shit about your looks they're BANNED. Promise (=

:. Promote in at least one place, including other people's journals and communities. (As in, NOT YOURS!) 

:. Anything else you'd like to say?: It was very hard for my to pick out my favorites songs and top ten bands and stuff.  Music is something that I depend on.  It's my therapy and I love it.  I also enjoy many movies.  Especially lately, I prefer movies over television any day.  But if I were to watch TV, it'd be some kind of medical show, or anything on the discovery or health channel.  I love going to the China Buffet with my friends.  Reading my fortune out loud and adding "in bed" at the end is my favorite part.  I'm always being told that i'm the funniest person anyone knows, and I tend to make up stories that seem SOO dramatic, in a serious tone, then being like "HAHA! KIDDING!"  I also pick on people when I like them, normally sending vibes that I don't like them, but I do.  Haha, and... well... I can say alot about myself.  But, I really like to surprise people. =]

PS: Everyday, I make sure I say something to atleast one person that will make them feel good about themselves.
I tend to do it mostly for strangers, but anyone really.

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