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I can color in plaid!

Introduce Yourself.
:. Name: Carmine

:. Age:20
 :. Birthday: February 21, 1985
 :. Location: Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada
 :. What's it like? hot, icky, and a very boring town

 All Things Entertainment.
 :.5-10 bands that you can't live without:
1. Bif Naked
 2. Garbage
3. Lacuna Coil
 4. Adema
5. The Rasmus

6. The Killers
 7. ColdPlay
8. Papa Roach
9. Sugarland

10. Nickelback

 :. 5-10 favorite songs:
1. "The Numa Numa Song" -Artist Unknown

2. As Good As I Once Was- Toby Keith

3. Heresy- NIN

4. She's My Kind Of Rain- Tim McGraw
5. Daughters- John Mayer

 6. Abandonment- bif naked
 7. Open your eyes- Alter Bridge
8. Butterfly Collector- Garbage

 9. And Love Said No- HIM
 10. Bittersweet Symphony- Oasis

 :. 5 movies you could watch over and over:
 1. Constantine
 2. American Pie(1-3)
 3. Addams Family Values
 4. The Pacifier
 5. Ginger Snaps

 :. phrase: "You Are As Beautiful As You Want to Be."
 :. food: pizza
 :. color: black, dark blue, purple and reds
:. thing to do: read, sleep or go for walks, write short stories or poetry

This or That. GIVE REASONS. (: Be creative, children. And you HAVE to pick one or the other.

 :. lime green or aqua blue? aqua blue, i hate green lol
 :. 3 or 7? 7, sounds better i dunno why, seven just...sounds better in my head, yesh i'm weird lol, SUE ME! j/k
 :. digital or analog clocks? digital, analog clocks hate me lol
 :. men or women? women, men frustrate me.
 :. foreign or domestic? foreign, more interesting
 :. candles or lightbulbs? candles, they're romantic

 Last Impression.
:. Say something to the mods: This community looks a heck of alot better than those superficial communities who only accept you according to looks.
 :. Why are you a 'plaid crayon'? Cuz I'm a bit of everything and damn proud of it!
:. At LEAST one clear picture of your face. Votes aren't based on looks, we're just curious. If a member gives you any shit about your looks they're BANNED. Promise (=

 :. Promote in at least one place, including other people's journals and communities. (As in, NOT YOURS!)
:. Anything else you'd like to say?: This seems like a fair and interesting community!

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